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Lean times

Well, it looks like the VA took a bite out of the disability check again, but I had enough to cover the bills*, give PayPal half what I owe them, and still have a little left over for gas, groceries...and maybe a burger after Tuesday's stint at the polls. At McDonald's. May have to cancel out of the run to Virginia Beach for the anomaly, depending on how much of the check on the 14th gets sucked up by insurance.

So I'll sit on the check to Balticon for another month and play my financial cards as close to my vest as I can.

Spent most of day farting around with Civicrack or Facebook and doing the FMJRA. Going to read while I wait for some Game of War stuff to finish up, and then I'll rack out.
Tomorrow will be another day much like this one.

*Most of them. The PayPal and Amazon credit lines are just going to have to wait, and I'm going to drop Crunchyroll since I just don't watch it enough to justify forking out $7/month for it.
Tags: balticon, domestic stuff, wargaming

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