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No way to build a majority

I've been avoiding posting about politics, mainly because I've been busy with other stuff, but Professor Death keys off a Ross Terrill piece in the Boston Globe and does some thinking out loud about where the Democratic Party is going. His analogy about the Edsel and the Rambler is particularly apt.

Caveat: I want to reiterate that not all my DFL acquaintances are like Mark Gunnion (whose idiocy is now on public display for millions to mock), certainly not revolutionaryjo and 433. However, I think a lot of the others are stuck in the Seventies, which is kind of remarkable for people who've never been there and don't remember how bad they sucked.

In a non-political vein, I'm doing some eBay stuff before heading over to Josh's for some more HALO. I think I'll mix a couple of CDs tomorrow after the Anime Detour meeting.
Tags: culture & politics
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