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Midweek slackness

I'd originally meant to get up at noon, but when the alarm went off I couldn't rightly remember why that was, so I wound up sleeping until 1500 or so. Didn't accomplish much until the evening, when I headed out to the library to pick up Bill James' Popular Crime and also got The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, which I've been wanting to read forever and somehow never remember to pick up.

Also accomplished while I stopped at the library: flipping the portal there as well as Rolling Valley Park and St. Andrews across the street from it. I did drive-by hacks on the various portals en route to the Walmart and back, and actually stopped to buff up Burke Presbyterian before hacking it. Olde Chapel Mews, on the other hand...it was late, and I was low on bursters, so I used my ADA refactor on it and proceeded to throw links and fields from it once it'd flipped. On the way back home, I buffed and hacked the Rolling Valley portals and Adat Reyim, did links and fields, and also did the same when I got back home to Keene Mill. So it was a pretty productive day as far as Ingress went, anyway.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, ingress
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