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Booming, zooming, and library gets

Just when I thought my sleep cycle was all straightened out, I was struck with insomnia last night and stayed up until 0700 playing Game of War and reading The Guns At Last Light.

Yesterday, I got stuff done. Went out twice - once in the early afternoon for Ingress and a burger, and then again in the evening for gorceries and Ingress. Many portals were boomed, many fields created, and I inched closer to my next medal. Also notched a first in my Ingress achievements - unbeknownst to me, St. Raymond's was having a youth retreat this weekend, and the pastor did not take kindly to black-clad men wandering his parking lot after dark. Which I can totally understand, thinking back on it. He told me to get, so I got; I'd already buffed and linked the portals there to my satisfaction anyway.

Apparently I missed another virtual class this past week. Fuck it. I'll just study up on the materals and have the DeathPad ready to hand when I take my next run at the Tax Advisor I test, which I hope to do this month.

Picked up The Two-Ocean War (which seems thinner than I remember) and Eliot Ness: The Rise and Fall of an American Hero, which looks interesting.
Tags: books, domestic stuff, ingress
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