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Damn, 62 registrations in the box today, including a couple of groups...a lot of supporting memberships, too, which I haven't seen before. Also, I note that we must be providing somebody an educational experience, since we got our second check from a school district, also attached to a group membership. This puts us over 750 pre-registration, plus a couple more that came through PayPal. Like the registration gals, I'm increasingly doubtful that we'll hit the 2500 mark this year, but the chances of a significant bump up from last year are very good. I don't claim to have memorized the entire member list from last year, but a lot of the names and addresses look new to me and don't appear to have been on the list of walk-ups to which we mailed reminder flyers.

I meant to get up early today and prepare CDs for mailing, but it didn't work out. Instead, I rolled over and reset my alarm to get another 45 minutes of sleep, and felt much better when I finally got up. Had a minimal breakfast of coffee and an English muffin while scanning the Bleat and other morning blogs, which meant by the time I went to get the mail at 1030 I was pretty hungry. I can report that the Subway salmon sub is pretty tasty, especially with pepper jack cheese melted on it. Mmm, cheese.
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