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Today I am 55

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook.

It was a pretty good day, even if I slept in way too long after taking out the trash following last night's blogging. Went out and had wings, arranged to get the phone fixed Friday and the tailpipe done Saturday, did a lot of Ingress, and came home after stopping by BGR for a bacon cheeseburger w/avocado and Walgreen's to pick up some smokes for my housemate.

Tomorrow, I think I'll go hang out at the office most of the day and grind on the Blockworks stuff. Need to get that stuff done with before the end of October.

Almost forgot: stopped by the library and picked up Flint & Gannon's 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies, Brian McClellan's The Crimson Campaign (the sequel to Promise of Blood) and Hope Rearmed, which is a reissue of the Raj Whitehall novels containing The Anvil and The Steel, which concern Whitehall and the Gubierno Civil's reconquest of the Western Territories from the blond, blue-eyed barbarians of the Brigade. The third volume, Hope Renewed, includes the last of the original Whitehall novels (The Sword) as well as the first of the post-Bellevue Whitehall novels, The Chosen, a/k/a Raj Whitehall vs. The Draka. Should be interesting.
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