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Out with a bang

Well...that was something I'd never seen before, despite watching a fair number of baseball games since 1990. Jordan Zimmerman closed out Fan Appreciation Month by throwing a no-hitter against the hapless Fish, one that was saved in dramatic fashion by Steve Souza in the top of the ninth with a spectacular running catch in the outfield. I got my silly-looking toque, which looks an awful lot like Jayne's hat from the Firefly episode "The Message" except it's in the Nationals' red white and blue. People went nuts, no lie; starting in the seventh inning there were people in my section hushing each other, saying "Don't talk about it!". Heh.

After the game I killed some time burning resonators and shields off the Walter Johnson statue portal, but didn't quite have enough bursters to flip the portal in the face of a detemined defense; after that, I circumnavigated the park, flipped a weak portal down by the river and claimed a neutral one not far from that. Then it was home on the Metro to Franconia and from there, the 310 home.

Tired as fuck now. Going to eat something to buffer the evening pills and then crash.
Tags: baseball, ingress
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