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Technical difficulties

I had agreed to bring my old Toshiba laptop to the Registration meeting tonight, where it would be plugged into a spare monitor and actualy be useful. This morning when I went to unplug it and stuff it into the bag with Cowzilla, though, I discovered that the part of the power cord that goes from the transformer to the wall was missing. Weird. I don't remember unplugging it, and can't imagine where the cord might have wandered off to. So I'll have to go over to Radio Shack with the remaining half of the power cord and see if their generic cord fits it, or whether I'm going to have to spend $100 of the convention's money on a universal laptop AC adapter.

Update They had a generic power cord that fit. Hoorah! I was so pleased to be informed of this that I indulged myself in a CD player with skip protection. I haven't used the one I have now for quite a while since the bus ride can be pretty rough and it was constantly skipping all over the CD. Very bad. No more of that, though.
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