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So I thought I was going to fall asleep early, get up at 0300 and then just stay up until I fell asleep early again, but it didn't work out that way, instead I finished up March To The Sea, did blogging, farted around with the TogetherWeServed website, and eventually went to bed around 0600.

Woke around 1330, did breakfast, and screwed around on the Internet for a while before going out and doing stuff with Ingress. This fiendish plot by Google's Niantic Labs is an alternate reality game that requires a bit of walking around and doing stuff with your smartphone on behalf of the Enlightened, who are a bunch of alien-loving commie pinko subversives, or the Resistance, the good guys trying to keep humanity human. After some initial problems getting verified by Google, I managed to get some things done with the three portals in my neighborhood and am now a third of the way to Level 3. I also did a lot of walking from one portal to the next, including about half an hour of crashing around in the woods of Pohick Stream Park looking for a crossing (there wasn't one) before giving up and taking the long way around to the third portal by way of Old Keene Mill Road. At least I managed to avoid any ticks or mosquitos.

Did a bunch of surveys, spent a lot of time on Facebook, and now I think I'm going out for another walk to my portals. Every half-klick helps, after all.


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Jul. 20th, 2014 05:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Facebook?
It's all fun and games until somebody calls the cops.

I've been moderately busy the last couple of days with work and Ingress; the latter is doing good things for me since there's a fair amount of walking involved. Also, I try not to loiter on FB for hours and hours; can't get any writing done when I do that.

Sort-of-related: I don't know about you, but I don't find Facebook to making or reading long posts. (Especially from my phone.) Whenever I have a lot to say about something, I'll do a post here on LJ and share it with Facebook.

Edited at 2014-07-20 05:13 pm (UTC)
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