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furious action on the writing front

So, I blew through the rewrite of The Last Falangist, which consisted mostly of stripping out dead links to blogs that no longer exist, articles no longer posted on the web (among them, sadly "SPI Died For Your Sins"), and posts located in archives that got screwed up thanks to PJ Media or NRO changes. Also changed the layout of What Did You Do in the Cold War, Dad? so it's a closer match to what KDP wants, posted a daylog on e2 about the books, and agreed to owe $75 to some graphic designer my editrix found to do the hi-rez version of the cover.

Made absolutely no progess on the Blockworks WBT, but there's no real rush since I can't take the virtual class until August anyway.

Mysteriously, the Toaster's headlights came back to life this morning. Still going to have Carlos take a look at them next week when I have money again.

Finished re-reading On the Razor's Edge and am now about halfway through March to the Sea which I picked up at Chantilly since Pohick only has March Upcountry and March to the Stars.

Depending on the press of work today, I might get some writing done, or I might not.
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