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...and that was Sunday.

Much accomplished despite not waking up until 1400; got Rule 5 Sunday done on time for the first time in a couple of weeks, got Live at Five in the can for tomorrow, and gave linky love to people who linked Stacy's review, or at least the book. Speaking of the book, I need to do some revisions and replace links with quotes since apparently many of the links managed to die on me between the time I put the book together and the time people started reading it. That's due back to Joy by Thursday.

Also knocked out the introductory Blockworks WBT; will tackle the next three-hour WBT over the next couple of days so I'll only be short an hour from yesterday.

Been re-reading On the Razor's Edge and The Fuller Memorandum, which latter I borrowed from the library since my copy's in storage. While reading the latter, I couldn't help thinking what a Delta Green op (say, somebody like Poe from Through A Glass, Darkly) would think of Mr. Howard's problems and his attitude. Probably not much. Maybe I should write about it.

Talked with jtrainor for a little bit this afternoon; he seems to think the problem with Learned Cow stems from bad RAM. I need to talk to brian_edminster about that and see what he thinks.
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