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Not the bucket list

I don't have a bucket list, because I think it's a stupid idea, especially for somebody like me who had no intention of living to this age to begin with, but that's another story.

However, I do have a list of things I want to do before I leave the DC area, partially by way of saying goodbye to places and people that mean a lot to me, because once I leave for Las Vegas, the odds are very good that I won't be coming back to see them again.

Places that I should have visited before now but for some reason haven't
The Navy Library and the Navy Museum, both located at the Navy Yard
The post library at Fort McNair (I can't visit the base libraries at Andrews and Bolling because they aren't there any more)
Chapel #2 at Bolling AFB
The Library of Congress
Andrews Composite Squadron (which may not be in the same building, but that's not really the point)
Pfitzner Stadium, home of the Potomac Nationals
Harry Grove Stadium, home of the Frederick Keys
Edelman Financial Field, home of the Loudoun Hounds - assuming, of course, that it's ready in 2015
Dixie Bones BBQ in Woodbridge

Places I want to see again before I leave the area, but that I've done since returning here in 2007
Nationals Park
Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown (Hagerstown Suns)
Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf (Southern Maryland Blue Crabs)
Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore
Fogo de Chao in DC
Willard's BBQ in Chantilly

And of course there are a bunch of friends who live in the area that I'd like to see again before departing the area next June.
I'm sure I'll manage to get it all in somehow.
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