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Battle of the Burritos

Well, the coffee helped, and so did lunch, though the steak burrito at Panchero's isn't going to do much for my blood sugar, which decliend slightly from 261 this morning to 189 before lunch at 1300...speaking of which, Panchero's is a viable alternative to Chipotle. Much the same ingredients, except that the tortillas are freshly fried up from dough, not reheated from packages. There's also a slightly different (and larger) selection of Coke products there. So, when I go over to Borders in search of fresh manga, as I did today, and don't feel like going outside to Jimmy John's (as I did not today), I can eat something that won't bust my budget.

In other news, Melody is frothing mad now that the super has come and left. Quote of the day: "She said your bedroom smells like somebody slept there." WTF does that mean? I think I'm going to have to reconsider staying through the end of this 18-month lease and just get the hell out as soon as possible, because this is just asinine.
Tags: domestic stuff, food
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