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Well, I got it half right.

Originally planned to nap for a few hours before getting up and blogging, after which I was going to goof off or write for a couple of hours, shower, and head down to Ft. Belvoir for my rescheduled appointment with Dr. B. A few hours changed into a couple of hours, so I got up at 0100, did Live At Five, did some work on What Did You Do In The Cold War, Daddy?, and then went back to bed for a nap before leaving for the appointment.

Which went well; I dropped most of the weight from the weekend, had good BP, gave blood & urine samples, and was counseled on what to do about my sore shoulder. Unfortunately, I was so hungry by the time I was done with the labwork that I dashed off, hit the on-post Dunkin for my free coffee, and was halfway up Fairfax County Parkway before they called and reminded me that I'd had a 1000 appointment to have my eyes checked for macular degeneration and stuff. Oops. Rescheduled that for Friday.

Came home, had a small protein shake, and proceeded to crash after putting up the blackout curtains, for it was nasty hot out there and I was tired as fuck. Woke up around 1800, had a ham wrap, and I also did a post on the V.A.'s long history of problems. Tonight I'll deal with the backlogged garbage -ZOMG so many boxes!- and take care of tomorrow's Live At Five; probably be gaming into the wee hours and/or reading Command Authority since I slept for most of the day.
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