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Job security

In the midst of all the sickness and nose-blowing this week, I almost forgot to mention that my backup man, New Guy Alex, has given his notice and will be moving on to greener pastures next month. I suppose I shouldn't be all down with the schadenfreude, especially since I'm supposed to start training Alex's replacement someday soon (if his incredibly anal boss ever settles on a hyper-detailed training schedule) but so far this is the fifth person I've trained to run the intercompany billing system who has since left. Unsurprisingly, it's not all about the money. Alex told me one of the reasons he jumped ship was because he'd seen the way our managers treated people like me and Jill (who was passed over for promotion in favor of an outside hire and has since gotten her accounting degree and CPA and left the company) and didn't want to wait around for his day in the barrel.

So I said to Richard at the monthly team meeting (just us wage slaves & salarymen, no supervisors/managers) "You're not planning on leaving, are you?" Big laughs all around. Somehow I suspect the managers wouldn't have thought it was so funny. Ho, ho, ho, you fuckers.
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