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Loving the sweatshirt

I had been thinking about getting a vest or a sweater for casual Fridays, since this time of year I tend to freeze my butt off when I'm wearing jeans & T-shirt, which I always do. Fortunately this year the company gifted us with sweatshirts at the Holiday Luncheon (last year it was a $10 Target gift card, ptooey!) though I had to hand mine back in since it was only a 2XL and I no longer fit into that size. I did thank the Accounts Payable jefe who arranged for them, for the implied compliment. ^_^ So anyway, the following week she shows up at my new cube with a replacement in 3XL, and it's BLACK. Awwww yeah. I hauled it out yesterday and put it on since I was all feverish and chilly, and it was faaabulous. Oh, wonderful toasty polyester-cotton! I was so comforted by it that I wore it home and put it back on this morning, and it is making me feel good today too.

Other than that, I'm still a disgruntled salaryman with a cold, or maybe the flu. It's hard to tell. I'm not leaking nearly as much as I was yesterday, but I'm still really achy all over and glad there's a medicine chest here with Tylenol and Sudafed. I'm thinking another ten hours of sleep with the blue pills tonight ought to get me through this, with any luck.
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