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Packing for Portland

Not much to say about today. Got a massage, checked into my flight (boarding pass A39, okay but not great) and finished moving music and PDF files between my Kindle, desktop, and DeathPad so that I can amuse myself on the seven-hour flight to PDX tomorrow. Plan is to crash around 2100 tonight so I have six hours of rest (if not sleep) before rising at 0300, showering, shaving, suiting up, and unplugging my several devices so I can pack them for the trip. I'll be on the road no later than 0330 so I can get to Reston by 0430, drop off the Toaster, and in turn be dropped off by Mark on his way to work.

As I did on my Detour trip, I'm bringing a change of clothes, my meds, and bathroom kit in the backpack, which with the nose hose will constitute my carry-on; the rest of the week's clothes, bandages, etc. will go in the suitcase. Am also packing a bunch of protein bars so I don't have to eat insanely expensive airport food.

Time to stop blogging about it and just do it.
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