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One minor problem solved

The hanko for our Badger King arrived last night in e-mail, but since I was sick as a dog and went to bed at 1930 without even looking at my computer I didn't see it until this morning. Ben at The Japanese Connection apologized for the fact that the badger/badge checker pun doesn't work in Japanese and therefore the hanko actually reads "Tanuki King of Anime Detour".

This actually makes things easier, since we were doing some low-level agonizing over what music to play when we summon Aaron onstage for his investment. Now the choice of entrance song will be obvious, at least to anyone who's seen Ponpoko. What else could we choose but AC/DC?

Correction We didn't actually get the whole hanko, just the kanji for it, since getting a stone or wood hanko would have set us back a couple hundred bucks, which is a bit pricey for this kind of fun.
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