wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

AD2014: Not really over yet

Well, like last year, I slept through stuckintraffik's wake-up call summoning me to the loadout; unlike last year, I wasn't dying, just very short on sleep. I feel fine this year, which is a nice change, and got a ton of egoboo from staff and fellow ex-chairmen, also the incoming chairman Jayson, who I think will do good and great things. Closing ceremonies were grand and glorious, and Gifford failed to maintain his composure; like all the rest of us, when confronted with the love and thanks of a grateful convention, he broke...and then went on with the show. :-)

Actually managed to see two panels- the Big (AMV) Show, which was awesome as usual, and The Mikage Seminar, which revolutionaryjo says may be the last. :-(

And then at the end there was the teardown and the staff dinner and the loadout and the Dead Dog, and then Dan got me to the Thunderbird around 0100 and I crashed.

In unrelated news, the LJ client on the DeathPad appears to be broken and the spell checker doesn't work any more either. May come a time soon when I have to root it and make it an Android pad.

Time to clean up, get dressed, and do lunch with Dan and jtrainor.
Tags: anime detour, tech stuff
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