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Continued leakage suppressed by drugs

I probably shouldn't have gone to the registration meeting last night, since I felt like crap (and still do, for that matter) but it needed doing, and one of the results was a more accurate count of pre-registrations. The count I'd been keeping was off by about 50 or so. We have about 500 people in the database and another dozen held up because of problems (checks bouncing, information sent vis e-mail but no accompanying PayPal payment, etc.), and I have another dozen or so that have come in this week, so the actual count of paid pre-reg people is more like 520 than 580. Registration is also unhappy about setting up in main programming and opening at 0900 on Friday. This and other matters will be thrashed out Sunday, by which time I hope to be feeling better...a couple solid nights of sleep ought to help a lot.

Need to take some time this weekend and draft the 501(c)(3) app letter, which Jacqueline will review & edit as needed before we send it in. Also need to do the coffee letter for Joella...and somewhere in the middle of all that, do my assessment homework and throw more stuff up on eBay.
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