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My head leaks.

Came home last night, ate the teriyaki pork & rice that I'd forgotten to pack for lunch, and headed off to Josh's after finding the cell phone, which had gotten chucked in the CD bin when it ran out of zap over the weekend. Hung out there until way too late watching pro wrestling and music videos and listening to Zakk Wylde , who plays some pretty awesome guitar and is a dead ringer for the young Ozzy on vocals. He also plays some great Southern-fried rock and authentic country, which is pretty amazing.

Anyway, staying up late caught up with me in the worst way, and I crawled out of bed at 0630 feeling like death warmed over...my throat and sinuses hurt like hell, my nose was running, and by 0700 I was convinced that it would be a Really Bad Idea to represent for presenteeism today. So I called in sick, took the blue pills, and went back to bed. I feel a little better now after a cup of coffee, a mug of tea, and some beef cup ramen....still don't know if I'm going to pack up Cowzilla and head for the registration meeting tonight. We'll see how I feel come 1600 when I'll need to shower and suit up before I get going.
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