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Through the wringer

Monday was rough. Didn't get enough sleep Sunday night on account of phoenixalpha losing her medications and not finding this out until late Sunday night. This necessitated a midnight run to the Walgreens, and a $31 hole in the checkling account since Definity doesn't pay for lost prescriptions and I'd left the PTSA card at home, dammit. I think I finally got to bed around 0030-0100...and five hours of sleep was just not enough, considering that I had month-end balancing to do Monday morning and assessment class Monday night.

Speaking of the assessment class, I picked up the text last night, blowing another $60 in the process. It's the fourth edition, replacing last year's third edition which I sold off promptly after class without waiting to see if I'd passed, but looks just as snarky and annoying as I remember the third edition. Maybe more cartoons lampooning NCLB. *shrug* Anyway, I'm glad I had Curriculum Development last year with Steve Schroeder-Davis; this year's class has been in session three weeks and has yet to talk about curriculum; they've been sitting in circles facilitating and checking in and passing the Talking Piece and not talking about how to build a curriculum, which is really pissing off my classmates. Nobody goes to St. Mary's to live through a Garage Logic comedy skit; the tuition is a wee bit pricey for that. OTOH, the assessment class is going very well. Dr. Eubanks is being much more about the hands-on, how-to stuff and less about theory this year. Oo-rah!

Today I'm busing in, doing the work, and heading over to Josh's afterward. Feeling slightly better rested, but I think I want more coffee before I hit the shower.
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