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Let it snow

They let us go early on Friday on account of all the snow, though it didn't do me a lot of good since I had to sit around and wait for the 589 that was scheduled to pick me up at 4:22. Of course, it didn't; I think it finally showed up around 5. An extremely long ride ensued, since 100 was badly clogged (as usual when it snows) and I finally got home around 7. Melody and Scott had left around noon to head over to Michelle's for the weekend, so I had the apartment to myself. I wound up going out to Famous Dave's for ribs and hitting the rack a little after midnight.

Woke up earlier than I'd planned when the timer on Scott's stereo went off, and spent the morning getting blown up at HALO 2 before cleaning up and heading downtown for the AD meeting. About a dozen of us showed up; the roads were actually in very good shape, though apparently danae was trapped in the southbound lanes of 35W by some kind of snarlage that had the interstate backed up all the way to 46th and the northbound lanes slowing down so people could try to see what happened. Morons.
The meeting went well and we thrashed a bunch of stuff out; we also looked at the AMVs that had come in this week since revolutionaryjo wasn't there to pick them up.

That was pretty much that - we descended on the Super Grand Buffet afterwards, and after much pillaging of the buffet and more shop talk (mostly) we split up and headed home. More lounging around with HALO 2 and C2P ensued...eventually I got around to posting the meeting minutes and chucking this onto LJ. The Root is playing Armored Saint...must be time to rack out.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff, ihtfp

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