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Won't have one of these again for a while

And by "one of these" I mean a Friday off. I didn't stay in, mainly because I needed to do laundry, but partially because I wanted to GTFO of the house. So I loaded up all my laundry, hauled it out to the Toaster, and sped off to the laundromat via Liberty, where refueling was accomplished. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten my phone (and reading material) at home, so after I stuffed the clothes into a washer and fired it up I zoomed back home, picking up a large Diet Coke at 7-11 on the way back. Got back just in time for the washer to finish its cycle. Drying, drinking, and To Sail A Darkling Sea ensued, and after that, folding and a stop at Chick-Fil-A for the spicy chikuns, followed by mail call. By that time, I was feeling tired and not really thrilled at the notion of lugging all the stuff upstairs (defined as laundry, box of bandages, mail, etc.) so I just left the laundry in the car.

Fiddled around with Facebook for a while and decided to crash relatively early, since 0900 comes awfully early in these parts, and tomorrow is going to be a busy day in the tax mines.

One of the things I may have to do something with is Editors of Tor: First In A Dramatic New Series Exploring Transgressive Relationships In A Primitive Publishing World, the awful spawn of a FB comment thread sparked by Sarah Hoyt's Girl Genius v. Tor post. I don't have a dog in that fight, but it's too good not to parody, even if it winds up fizzling out like the abortive Harry Potter/Utena fanfic.
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