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The new cube

Well, there's not a lot to say for it. It's on the other side of a cube wall from the departmental fax machines, and right outside the room where one of the network printers is, so I expect it's going to be a tad noisy around here come the end of the month. I also don't have the view out Jeff's window that I used to have...and for whatever reason, despite having a fixture directly overhead, it seemed sufficiently darker than the old cube that I moved the desktop lamp that was clamped to the table behind me over to my desk. It helps. I also moved the computer out of the corner the IT guys left it in and put it up against the south wall of the cube. Yes, this means it faces squarely back to the rest of the department, but I don't much care at this point; I don't plan on doing any surfing or making a lot of LJ entries at work any more anyway. It's one of my resolutions for the New Year, inasmuch as I have any of those.

What with unpacking boxes and getting moved in, it was a good thing that Filomena, one of the other two people that works for my boss, decided to keep her hand in with this file uploading thing and do about 24 of the 40 files that were backed up in the group mailbox from Friday afternoon and Monday. It helped a lot - there were another thirty files after that that I took care of in addition to all the research requests and the panicked phone calls from people who hadn't read the memo about our extending the upload deadline. Idiots. What with all the catching up, I didn't get out of my cube until about 1115, when I went to check the mailbox and grab some lunch at Taco John's.

Today's haul included a couple of DVDs from Anime Nation - Miami Guns and Risky Safety - as well as the endorsing stamp we ordered from Checks In The Mail and about half-a-dozen more registrations, including an Artists' Alley table sold to a maker of various anime-themed headgear (not hats) from Winnipeg. We're up to 561 by my count, probably more than that since I know drunkenphlower took in some at the meeting on Sunday.

I guess I'll head home now...was planning on staying late and catching the 535, but there's no real point to that.
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