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I got your Dead White European Males right here, sucka...

Dead white men irrelevant? Bullshit. This article looks at the extremely positive effects of the classics on ordinary working men and women in England during the late 19th and early 20th century. Hint: they make people THINK.

Via the indispensable Colby Cosh, who for some reason doesn't have a link for this entry....

but does have one for a post on the Mac Mini and the McShawarma. Apropos of the Mac Mini, last Friday's Megatokyo strip summarizes the way a lot of people I know feel about Macintoshes in general, even if we're not easily annoyed former seiyuu. Don't forget to follow Colby's link to the McShawarma ad, a truly funny revision of the "McRoyale" scene from Pulp Fiction.
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