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Another busy weekend

Well, I didn't get either my laundry or my APAzine done on Friday night, but I got six pages of the latter done, and that was enough. Laundry was deferred to Saturday morning, and I wound up delegating it to Scott since I couldn't get Melody's laundry card to work, the office didn't open until 11 so I couldn't get my card recharged, and I needed to be elsewhere by noon. I didn't make that deadline either, but snce I was only half an hour late I managed to get done what I needed to do before moving on to the StippleAPA collation at Jeanne and John's. That was pretty well attended - David showed up with Jeff Peasley, who's a fun guy to have around, and Sybil made her way across the Twin Towns via bus to join us as well. It was also good to see David Cargo and former OOK Judie Cilcain, who is still recovering from an pre-emptive cancer operation (she didn't have it, but they removed the pre-cancerous cells) but is looking pretty good, considering. Most folks stayed to watch the latest installment of Channel Surfing Wipeout, the comedy series being assembled by David, former Barbarian Sue Grandys, and Chris Conroy, which has aired on public access in Minneapolis. Pretty funny in a surreal sort of way..."Fred Greets The Day" was particularly good. We were also going to watch some of the Firefly episodes, since Maetta had loaned her box set to Jeanne, but most folks left and we only had time to see one episode before I had to race off...

...to revolutionaryjo and willowone's place to screen a couple of anime DVDs we'd gotten from ADV for the convention. One of them, Wandaba Style, was a comedy about an unsuccessful girl band called Mix Juice and a teenage mad scientist who wants to reach the Moon with a giant slingshot. Yawn...silly without being amusing. We could only stand one episode of that, and moved on quickly to Princess Tutu.

Holy crap. I have jokingly referred to this series by saying "Utena, Sailor Moon and a duck walk into a bar...", but in fact this is a really outstanding series. Chris Jones (no, not that Chris Jones has a pretty good plot summary of the series, so go read that - he does a better job than I want to do right now. I want to buy the DVD and watch it again. It makes me care about the main character and what happens to her, it breaks the fourth wall routinely, it has some really funny stuff going on and is just a tremendously great series.

Which, like Revolutionary Girl Utena, will probably only be noticed by a small band of fanatic fans, but that's the way it goes.

Sunday I crawled out of bed and ate a minimal breakfast before packing up my laptop and heading out to the Thunderbird for the walk-through. There was a sizable horde of people waiting in the main lobby, although the usually prompt and hyperefficient danae had become lost on American Boulevard and needed to be remotely piloted in. We eventually got everyone moving around the place, saw most of the function spaces we're going to be using, and got everyone familiarized with where things are going to be. We then retired to the Arrowhead Room and fed the staff before launching into the staff meeting part of the afternoon. Most of the new faces turned out to be additions to the tech staff, which has now exploded to three times its previous size, though there was also a new sub-head for the Volunteer Con Suite and a new Flying Registration Monkey. Registration is going to need all the monkeys they can get because they're also going to be handling Merchandising this year. The meeting went on until about 5, though most people left at 3; the Reverend and I then proceeded to make a futile journey to the Sprawl of America to search for a stuffed/plush badger, since danae had reported that the only such badgers she had found in Madison were the two-legged mascot kind, which are Right Out for our purposes.

Following this exercise (which was good for me even if no badgers were found) I headed home, where I dropped my laptop off and took a call from Melody, who had gone off (with Scott) to St. Paul with Michelle to meet Michelle's brother and discuss the renovation of Michelle's duplex on Arcade Street, which Scott is going to be doing on a sweat equity basis in return for room and board and a player to be named later, or something. Michelle (through Melody) invited me to join them for dinner at Old Chicago, where I discovered to my surprise that her brother was Rex, main squeeze of Jane Strauss. God, it's a small world...

Finally got home around midnight and went to bed after unwinding by watching random AMVs. Windows Media Player has its shortcomings, but last night WMP did good, pulling up mostly stuff i was in the mood for. Yay.

This morning: successful Internet hunt for plush badger and sticker shock on seeing the price of authentic Japanese hanko (chop stamp).

This afternoon: indolence and sloth.

This evening: assessment class at St. Mary's and an early bedtime, for tomorrow it is back to work.
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