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Joe the Lion goes to Oimyakon

Knocked off work at 2 yesterday to meet with drunkenphlower and a CPA specializing in non-profit work; apparently we got together with him just in time, since there is a 27-month window for corporations to apply for non-profit status and since we incorporated Anime Twin Cities, Inc. in May 2003 we're pushing it a little bit here. The good news is that we've been playing it pretty much the way the IRS wants prospective 501(c)(3) organizations to play it - no fundraising except through membership fees, no compensation paid to staff or board members, no politics, all that happy stuff. We also have our income statements pretty much done for 2003 and 2004 and can reasonably project what 2005 is going to look like, so I think this is going to go pretty smoothly. Once we do that, we can take Don Swentik up on his offer to absorb what's left of TCAAMS and - dare I say it - RULE THE WORLD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! which will make us a little more flush with cash and expand our library of anime somewhat.

After the meeting with the CPA (during which drunkenphlower and I realized we'll be spending a lot more time together since we need to buckle down and work this thing) I headed off to Apple Valley via Fort Snelling so that I could finally drop off all the rice cookers, crockpots, percolators, and other consuite stuff that had been accumulating in the back of the Sportage. I did this, freezing my gazookis in the process, and then got home just in time for dinner. I mean that in both senses of the word, as Melody had just finished cooking the rice and my blood sugar was a nice low 78, so I got dinner inside me just in time to head off the shakes.

I went to bed early and slept in until 6. Laundry and APAzine can wait for tonight.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff
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