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Frozen wombat thighs

$77.99/pound, only available with purchase of entire carcass.

Man, is it cold out there today...it was still 7 above zero when I pulled into the Fort Snelling LRT station, and I was very glad I had put on both my balaclava and my hat. It's going to be even worse this Saturday when the StippleAPA collation rolls around, and I doubt it'll be much warmer Sunday when we have the walkthrough down at the Thunderbird. Every year we get a sub-zero spell like this, and every year I am amazed that I'm not used to the cold yet. Realistically, I'm about as acclimated as I'm going to get. I can walk around outside in shirtsleeves and sneakers when it's 32 degrees, provided there's no wind, and that's pretty amazing considering that I used to think 40 degrees was full bundle-up weather.
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