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Late to wake and library gets

No check from the election board today either. Welp.

Picked up a passel of books at the library today: Larry Correia's Monster Hunter Alpha, Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet: Fearless, Flint & Gannon's 1635: The Papal Stakes, David Drake's Other Times Than Peace (which is not, contrary to the Amazon listing, a Hammer's Slammers book) as well as Lonely Planet Vietnamese Phrasebook and Vietnamese, Conversational, and audiobook from Pimsleur. Hey, I've been in this house for a year; it's a bout time I started working on simple things like "Good morning", nyet ?

UPDATE: Sure enough, after I got home from the library there was an e-mail from the Board of Elections saying they'd be mailing out checks on December 13. So I guess I'll stop going down to the post office every day looking for it.
Tags: books, domestic stuff
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