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Early onset of senior moments

What's frustrating about my life is that occasionally, it seems like I'm wrestling with a goddamn weather balloon. I'll get one part of it under control, and then some other part will just bust out and run amok in such a way as to make me thoroughly miserable. Take Friday...

As noted here, Friday was a pretty productive day. I whipped on the insurance ticket problem, got to work and performed Acts of Ruling on file uploads, processed registration paperwork for AD2K5, and even got filing done before I left. Not a bad deal.

Unfortunately, I got home from work with a horrible cold, ate sparingly and went to bed early...only to wake up a few hours later with the raving munchies. I ate like a pig and then went back to bed, couldn't get to sleep, and wound up playing Call to Power until 3 AM, which meant that I slept in until 11 on Saturday instead of getting up early and doing some thrashing on eBay auctions. Now, the AD meeting went pretty well, and we headed off to the Eastern Buffet after that...and when we got there I realized that my wallet was missing. Panic. Fortunately phoenixalpha was able to cover the bill and I then headed for home after dropping her and Scott off at Kat's for some sewing thing.

Got home, could not find either the wallet or my hat & gloves (which I don't understand, because they're a lot bigger and bulkier than my wallet) and in despair headed over to hang out with stuckintraffik to await the call from phoenixalpha so that she could put gas in the truck.

So of course I left my phone in the truck...and somehow managed to get the truck home, running on fumes, after finding out that phoenixalpha had gotten a lift. Of course, the wallet was hiding in my bedroom, hiding in back of the Big Tub of Dad's CD collection. Aaarrgggh!

Today's missions include refueling the truck, putting all the consuite stuff in the back of the truck in storage, returning the videos (late) to Video Universe, and getting some groceries and household necessities that somehow got overlooked when I was at Rainbow on Thursday night.
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