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Getting better

Despite the below-freezing temperatures, I'm feeling a little better today. That may be from oversleeping this morning - I'd set the alarm for 0530 but instead I woke up at 0645 and had just enough time to get showered, drugged, and dressed before I drove to the park & ride...which I realized was the wrong one about two minutes after the bus pulled out. Fortunately I'm getting a ride back from tonight's finance meeting; I don't fancy a long walk down Logan from 98th Street, especially considering the way Bloomington clears its sidewalks and the ambient temperature this evening.

Finished watching the first two disks of Great Teacher Onizuka and Hand Maid May last night - actually, I finished HMM Monday night and the tenth episode of GTO last night. Both series are very good in very different ways, and it's hard to say which one I like better. Steven den Beste has a pretty good summary of Hand Maid May (with spoilers) on his Chizumatic site, so I'll point you over there for that series.

As for Onizuka, well, it's a good example of a series that has neither magical girls, giant robots, aliens nor tentacles and still manages to be fascinating. Eikichi Onizuka has been drifting for the six years since he came to Tokyo, his sole accomplishment becoming a notorious member of the bosozuku motorcycle gangs. He decides to become a high school teacher "because that's where the hot chicks are" and quickly earns a reputation by taming the delinquents of Section O during his student teaching tour - despite nearly falling victim to a blackmail plot. This gets him a job teaching at Holy Forest Academy, where he takes charge of a homeroom class every bit as bad as the Section O he left behind. Still, his unorthodox methods and street-tough attitude (with a healthy helping of good luck) see him through. The home visit episode arc on the second disc is especially amusing, but it's not a comedy series. Well worth watching.

Another 23 registrations in the box today, bringing us up to 379. Maybe we won't hit 400 this week, much less 500, but the preregistration is going to be huge by the time we cut it off on February 11.
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