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Thunderstorms and library gets

The weekly book post at Stacy's is up. This week it's mostly about Ray Bradbury, Poul Anderson and H. Beam Piper.
These posts always take me longer to do than I think they will, probably because I often have no clear idea what I'm going to write about until I sit down at the keyboard.

Ran into one brief cloudburst on the way up to Chantilly, but the rest of the storms seem to have held off until I was safely home.

Was originally just going to drop Coolidge off at the county library, but I wound up coming home with The Goliath Stone (which harvey_rrit has been noodging me about sine it hit the presses) and Flandry's Legacy, which has A Stone In Heaven and another, post-Flandry novel mixed in with some other stories around the fall of the Terran Empire.

michaellee linked another blog post about Worldcon, which I'm going to mull over a bit before I decide what (if anything) I want to say about it.
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