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Somehow I managed to ignore both my Palm Pilot and the actual college schedule and drive to work this morning in the firm belief that the assessment class started tonight...which it doesn't. It starts next Monday. On arrival at work, I proceeded to spend most of the morning beating Outlook into submission - it was taking forever to move folders from the current archive into the 2004 archive I'd set up, and in the end I had to copy the whole damn archive file onto my hard drive, where it finally sorted itself out and settled down.

On the home front, the much-vaunted Thunderbird e-mail client for Firefox has managed to forget where the Netscape netmail server is and can't find it again. This wouldn't be so bad if you could open the account information and manually enter it (as you can in, for example, the much-maligned Outlook Express) but you can't. At least Firefox itself is performing as advertised, though sorting out the bookmarks could take me the rest of the month as I seem to have sorted out a lot of bookmarks differently depending on whether I was using Netscape or IE at the time.

As I expected it would be, the ATC mailbox was stuffed today. We got another 74 memberships in today, which brings us up to about 330 pre-registered. I wouldn't be too surprised to see us break 500 by the end of the week. We have the second deposit payment done, the staff meeting yesterday was more productive than usual, and thus things move ahead.
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