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Hump Day split shifting

Let me explain to you how my weekdays usually go: the alarm goes off at 0300 and I roll out of the sack to attack the Live At Five posts that I do for Stacy, which takes me up until 0500 or so depending on how much linkagery I cram into that sucker. Then I waste time on the Facebook and the Bleat and the daily webcomics until breakfast around 0730 or so. The rest of the morning is spent dealing with e-mail, filing the morning report with my droogs in the support group, and other administrivia until about noon when I do lunch. The rest of the afternoon is more of the same with some H&R Block continuing education stuff and reading mixed in until dinner, after which I am pretty much done for the day and not good for much until I crash at 7 or 9 PM. Rinse, lather, repeat until the weekend, interrupted occasionally by taxi runs for one of my housemates or outings to the Post Office, Walmart, the library, etc. which tend to happen in the afternoon.

Today was an exception; it started out with an extension of yesterday since my cousin Terry, his wife Melissa and their daughter (my second cousin once removed, IIRC) Claire were in town and wanted to get together. Which we did. I scraped together enough money to take the Metro from Springfield down to Foggy Bottom where the O'Malleys awaited me in the GWU Friday's. We had ten years to catch up on; I hadn't seen Terry and Melissa since their wedding ten years ago, and this was the first time Claire and I met. She's a wonderful little girl with a well-cultivated appreciation for the finer things in life: Laurel & Hardy, Hollywood musicals/dance extravaganzas of the 1940s, Jack Benny, etc., and well-behaved besides. Claire and Melissa ducked out early but Terry and I pretty much closed the place talking about family, schools...I think I may have monopolized the conversation a bit. :/ It was a good evening and should have been longer, but we both had to get going. I took the Metro back and arrived after Franconia-Springfield was technically closed, thus dodging the onerous parking fee; went straight home to discover on arrival (~0100) that Landlady was out & about so the door wasn't deadbolted. I was distracted and didn't get going on the blogging until 0300 when my alarm went off. Wrapped it up more or less on time and crashed for six hours since I wanted to make at least a token attempt at getting my schedule back on track.

All the walking did me some good; weight was down to 366.3 this morning and since I am phasing out the Atkins bars this should continue dropping. Since the morning BG numbers have continued to be in the double digits I've stopped taking the glipizide and am now solely on the metformin for the diabetes. I still have all the BP meds and Lasix going, but 15-20 pounds from now those too should fall by the wayside.

When I was at Suntrust last week. Mr. Pham suggested I consider an overdraft protection line of credit. At the time, I rejected the notion since my credit is pure shit as far as I know, but with ten days left in the month and a handful of change to my name I reconsidered this and had him do the application when I went in today to hand over my remaining shekels so as to avoid the horrible overdraft fees that I would have gotten for going $2 into the red. I figured it was worth a try; if Amazon and GE Capital thought I was okay for a store card, maybe SunTrust will be okay with covering my occasional overdrafts for a not-completely-assraping interest charge. We'll see what happens.
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