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Books, and stuff like that

Hit all the spots I needed to hit today: library, storage locker, and post office. Also stopped at Giant for some unflavored seltzer water to go with the Orange Crush "water enhancer" I bought on sale at Harris Teeter the other day. Good stuff, but I need to be more careful about squirting that stuff into the bottle.

Library gets: Flint & Dennis' 1635: The Cannon Law , John Scalzi's Redshirts, David Weber's Shadow of Freedom, Richard Pipes' A Concise History of the Russian Revolution*, and Samurl Eliot Morison's Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus. Also also, Poul Anderson & Gordy Dickson's Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!.

Have been lacking in energy and motivation today. but I still need to pound out the FMJRA tonight. Roommate is also bugging me to install the drivers for his printer on his old XP laptop; apparently the first attempt got aborted when his GF shut the laptop off before it was done. Welp. Going to grab a sandwich first and then have at it.

*I freely admit picking this up because it is the closest thing the Fairfax County library has to a history of the Russian Civil War, much less the Czech Legions' anabasis to Vladivostok.
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