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Plugable, yes.

So while I'm waiting for the chance to get the Gateway desktop fixed (please God, let it just be a bad power supply) I used my Amazon card to get a docking module for the netbook so as to clear up the jungle of cables sticking out of the side - especially the flatscreen cable, which badly wanted somewhere to screw into on the netbook and couldn't find any. This led to continual weirdness and color changes as the cable got jarred loose, but now it's stuck into the docking station to stay, along with the external hard drive, trackball, and (unfortunately) headphones. I say "unfortunately" because the docking station's default audio settings are for "Loudness", and by God it certainly was loud. Curst near blew my eardrums out. Now that I've fixed that, it's okay, but it was ugly for a minute or two there.

Aside from that, there's a whole lot of nothing going on. I am reading Manchester's The Last Lion: Alone which is pretty grim stuff, dealing as it does with Churchill's long stint in the wilderness as a Tory backbencher in Parliament. I am also continuing to drop weight; this morning I was down to 371.1 and will probably drop to the 370s or maybe even 369s tomorrow since I am pretty much out of everything but protein bars, yogurt and sour cream. Still have a little bacon jerky and some Emerald cinnamon roast almonds for bedtime snackage, and I suppose I could whip up some tuna with mayo in a bowl, since I have two cans of white albacore left in the cupboard, but :effort:. What I have will get me through to Thursday, or whenever it is the disability check will show up this month. At which point, I'll be damn glad to stop by Walmart and pick up some more lunch meat and Flatout wraps. Maybe some cheese and more mayo, too.
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