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Except for the new glasses, yesterday pretty much sucked.

So I went in to the VA yesterday for a much overdue eye exam, and the good news was that not only had my vision improved to the point where I needed new glasses (what?)...well, that was pretty much the only good news. New glasses will be awesome polycarbonate lenses with the Transitions doping that makes them darker in the sun, which almost makes up for having my pupils dilated, which turned much of an otherwise nice afternoon into painful, overly bright unpleasantness.

I managed to make it out to Chantilly for chikins, only to find that The World's Best Waitress had been cut and wouldn't be in until 1600, which was unfortunate because I was hungry NOW. Wound up eating way too much and paid for it this morning on the scale; ballooned out to 376 pounds. :(
The rest of the day's plans were scuttled by the Evil Day Star; by the time I got home all I wanted to do was turn out all the lights and just lay there in the dark, which I did. So I'll go hit the post office and the library today instead.

Finished Pournelle's King David's Spaceship (the expanded Baen version of A Spaceship For The King) yesterday and am currently re-reading The Tuloriad by Ringo and Kratman.
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