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Faulty coping mechanisms and The March Upcountry

Ordered a PS2/USB adapter and a USB hub for the netbook in the faint hope that I might be able to hook the desktop's keyboard up at the same time as the external hard drive and the scrolling trackball, but that didn't work. Well, I'm only out $10 on the Amazon card. I suppose I could go retrieve Cowzilla from the storage locker, but that would cause more problems than it would solve, what with heating and all.

Laundry was delayed yesterday since one of the housemates decided to do their laundry a day early, so I have to wait until later this morning to go down and throw my stuff in the dryer. Irritating.

Finished Anabasis: The March Up Country and Pournelle's Birth of Fire yesterday. The Anabasis is interesting; I have read (or seen at the movies) several remakes, ranging from The Warriors to Harold Coyle's The Ten Thousand and Ringo & Weber's March Upcountry. I'm inclined to agree with one of the reviewers that the translation doesn't do justice to the spare prose of Xenophon's original Greek, but the Kindle version was free, and right now that's the important thing. It is a pretty epic tale, and it's easy to understand why so many authors over the years have glommed onto it as a framework for tales set in other times and places. It's also interesting to note that the exodus of the Czech Legion from Ukraine through Siberia during the Russian Civil War was called the "Siberian Anabasis".

Got an overdue eye exam at the VA today, after which Carlos and I will pillage the chikins at Buffalo Wing Factory. Might manage to squeeze in a trip to the PO and the library somewhere along the way.

The damage done by Monday's hot dog gluttony seems to be leveling off; the weight was unchanged this morning at a hair over 373.
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