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at least I have my health, LOL

Yesterday's appointment with Dr. B went well - she's happy with the weight loss and low BG numbers, and if she's happy with the situation, I'm happy. Blood was drawn, urine donated, and we'll see the results of that next week.

Otherwise, life is being difficult and annoying. Learned Cow, my Gateway desktop, refused to start up this morning, and I can't tell whether it's a power issue or the OS just up and died on me. Stranded there are a number of documents and a lot of music I'd kinda like to have available, to say nothing of Bioshock 2 and EVE, both of which will be inaccessible until I can get the box fixed, probably sometime next month assuming something more important comes along. Oh wait, I already have that - getting the Toaster's radiator issues fixed. Fuck.

I'm also broke. People owe me money but haven't sent it, people also haven't sent me the docs I need to do work that they're going to pay me for, and it all sucks. I have a nearly full tank of gas but nowhere to go and nothing to do once I get there. FML, as the cool kids say these days.

Guess I'll just hole up and avoid the heat today, keep re-reading this Churchill biography and try not to stuff my face out of boredom, because there isn't much in the way of food around here right now either.
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