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Library gets, teeth & hair

Doctor "Painless" Mazhari is happy with the socket where my first molar used to be, so I am too. She assures me that the residual pain will be gone in a couple of days, which will be nice; as it is, I only occasionally have to resort to the OTC painkillers I have on hand.

I never did finish Stoney Compton's Russian Amerika, but I did manage to get through the two "Ring of Fire" novels, which I reviewed at The Other McCain. TL;DR: I am done with anything written by Ms. DeMarce in that series. Today's load of books from the library includes The Sagan Diary and Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi; The Heretic by David Drake and Tony Daniels, which is a new Raj Whitehall novel; mzmadmike's When Diplomacy Fails; and Eric Flint's 1636: The Saxon Uprising . Also, The Last Lion, Volume I, which I'm rereading before tackling the second volume (also a re-read) and the relatively recent third volume, which I'll be reading for the first time. Be interesting to see how that last one compares with Winston's own history of the Second World War, in the parts where they overlap, and even more interesting to see how it deals with his return to power in the 1950s.

I already wrapped up The Sagan Diary, which reminds me quite a bit of The Book of Qualities except that it's from one woman's point of view, and completely inside her head to boot. It's different, and I don't know that I would have paid to own it, but it's an okay read.

The Heretic, on the other hand, feels way too much like the first third of a trilogy - or, if Drake and Daniels are so inclined, another pentalogy like the original Raj Whitehall novels. There's entirely too much on Duisberg that needs fixing and too much of it left unfinished at the end of this book. It's a good read, and hopefully the other two books will follow soon.

Also got my hair cut, and will be heading out shortly to pull some of P's books out of storage for shipment West.
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