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Out in the Valley

That was a good weekend. Spent the Independence Day weekend with the Taylors down in Luray (mostly); ate well, drank a little too much maybe, but in any event enjoyed the break from the Internet as well as the drive down and back. It's pretty country down there, and the real estate is cheap - too bad there's no jobs. The unemployment rate in Page County is 8.2% (as compared to 5.6% for the Commonwealth as a whole) and is worse than it looks since a lot of the jobs are in the tourist industry or in the national parks, which tend to go away in the winter. Not like I'm in a position to move down there and make house payments anyway. The only down side was the dogs; Kathleen's Rocky was down for the weekend, and was having constant disagreements with his littermate Princess (the resident boxer) as to which of them was the alpha dog. Also, there were a lot of noises unfamiliar to him, so he was barking a lot. So it goes.

Finished On the Razor's Edge, which is an excellent conclusion to what is being called the "Spiral Arm" series. Also re-read A Hymn Before Battle and am currently in the middle of Gust Front .

The tooth extraction site still aches a little from time to time, but stopped bleeding days ago; the suture came out Saturday morning while I was brushing my teeth. I have a follow-up tomorrow, and after that I'll need to start saving up for the bridge.
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