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Idle hands

Actually, I mnaged to stay out of trouble this afternoon in spite of having 15 minutes worth of work to fill three hours with. Maybe. It was probably more like 10. Anyway, I had a big .PST file in Outlook that contained all my e-mails since 2000, and it always seemed to have errors in it, wouldn't close or open properly, all that shiznit. So I dragged it from the network drive to the hard drive in my workstation (which automatically decompressed it, for some reason) and proceeded to break up the file into four smaller files. Much better. Now each year has its own stinking .PST file, and my personal mail from years past is in a separate 65 MB file all its own...which is leaving tomorrow in my thumb drive.

Speaking of leaving, I took a short lunch today, so when 5 PM rolls around I am out of here.