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"...when it's real, you'll feel it."

Finished Mockingjay this afternoon.

Holy shit. This is one brutal piece of work, and I disagree completely with the people who said that the author lost control of the plot.

The protagonist certainly loses control, but let's face it - she's trying to play power politics without much power, and as a consequence gets sucked into situations where she just has to do the best she can. It costs her big time, and leaves a lot of nasty scars, but she does seize the moment to make sure the new nation isn't going to be just Panem with a new crew in charge. I've never seen the elephant myself, much less had loved ones lost in a bloody and vicious war, but damn it, what was happening to Katniss sure sounded like somebody trying to describe PTSD from the inside. Given that she's the one telling the story, surrounded by a whole cast of unreliable sources, little wonder that things seem disjointed and nightmarish.

Highly recommended, along with the rest of the trilogy.
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