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Wednesday, with laundry

Spent most of the afternoon yesterday with little brother Carlos, chauffeuring him into DC to the VA for his post-surgery checkup and then back to his place via Red Robin (lunch), and Giant (foodz). One back at his place I got the nickel tour and killed a couple hours watching A Good Day to Die Hard, which like all the Die Hard movies* - and really, most Bruce Willis movies - is full of the most excellent ultra-violence, this time set in Moscow and Chernobyl. Thumbs up to Jai Courtney for playing Jack Jr. Makes me look forward even more to RED 2.

Today I'm just chillin', getting laundry done and doing a little writing; the weekly book post over at The Other McCain is all about Robert Ferrigno's "Assassin" trilogy, as promised previously.

*Okay, I haven't seen Live Free or Die Hard , but hey - Bruce Willis.