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Busy busy week

Well, I landed a tax preparation job I'd been hoping to get for a while. It'll be a nice stretching of my professional skills and a test of my theory that all tax/accounting software is basically the same. And, of course, as Ex-Professor Petersen reminded me this morning while we were discussing software, it's all about the money. :)

Saturday night I was out at the first DC Goonmeet in a while, at Carpool where the last one was. Small turnout, just me and two allied pilots, but good company and good conversation. Sunday I was over at Mark Taylor's for dinner and Game of Thrones, Monday I was carting Carlos around to his work place and to Chantilly for wings, Tuesday I was up in Reston again for Book Dating (kind of a cross between speed dating and book discussion), Wednesday I drove to Purcellville to talk to clients about the above tax prep job...and today I'm going to take it easy, just do the wing thing and hit Walmart for some supplies.

Finished rereading The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Volume I, and have started on John C. Wright's The Phoenix Exultant, which is the sequel to The Golden Age. These are strange novels, dealing as they do with posthuman people in their confusing varieties (including AIs, group minds, and people who seem to be software incarnated) and what may or may not be an invasion from Earth's lost colony. They're also hard to follow because all the characters are unreliable navigators thanks to sense-filters, redacted memories and other consequences of merging the human brain with AI software. Still, they're interesting and engaging stories.
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