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We now return you to your regularly scheduled boredom

I feel a lot better this morning after going to bed at a reasonable hour last night and getting a full eight hours of sleep. I would have felt even better if there had been dishes available to prepare dinner on and eat off of last night when I got home, but such was not the case - all the available dishes were in the dishwasher, which had just started its cycle. In the morning, of course, there were plenty of clean dishes but no pans available - the sink was full of pots & pans on one side and dirty dishes on the other. I swear, you can't get good domestic help these days. I'd fire the scullery maid, but then the cook would leave too...anyway, I wound up toasting an english muffin and washing it down with the morning coffee and pills. Not being able to cook breakfast gave me the time to reinstall Outlook Express, which hadn't been working or playing well with the other software, check a few blogs, and make my way to the St. Luke's P&R lot in time to catch the 597 with time to spare.

Unfortunately, unlike yesterday there's not a whole lot to do here at work, and that's the way it goes. I've been killing time by writing short notes to myself which will probably appear as posts later tonight...criticizing the Star Tribune and its editorial writers is kind of like shooting fish (and not particularly bright fish, either) in a barrel, but sometimes you just have to scratch that itch.
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