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needed to stay home and save money anyway

Well, after spending a good part of the afternoon desultorily playing Civicrack while reading Ready Player One, I got bored of both at about the same time and quit, at which point I discovered Verizon fixed their little problem, so now I have the intertubes at home again. Yay. Killed a bunch of junk mail, listened to the State of the Goonion, responded to stuff on FB, and now I'm going to catch up on this before I get dinner and crash.

I'm liking Ready Player One a lot so far, except for the part where it's set in a Global Depression with some really questionable assumptions, but I can ignore the setting for the sake of the story because most of the story takes place online anyway. It's a geek/otaku/gamer's wet dream, an MMORPG that's free to play and has the world's most valuable Easter Egg hidden somewhere in the thousands of worlds that make up OASIS - control of the company that owns and operates OASIS. Our gamer hero, like so many others, has immersed himself in the life story and 80s pop culture obsessions of OASIS' famously eccentric creator, and manages to figure out where the first of three keys to the egg is hidden and how to win it - after the treasure hunt has been underway for five years and only the truly obsessed/committed "gunters" are still looking. That's when the trouble starts, of course. Great story so far.

As for Catching Fire, damn. Highly recommended on the off chance you haven't already read it.

Plan for tomorrow is to stay home and do laundry, do some studying so I can maybe pass the first chunk of the Block CBT course I'm working on, and maybe get caught up on internet spaceships.
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