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Quiet Saturday night

Well, got the FMJRA done and the daily report out, and managed to stay within the dietary lines today. Trying not to obsess about the daily weights and just concentrate on not sticking sugars and starches in the old piehole, which is harder than one would think. Thing is, I never was all that disciplined, and unlike the Marines, the Army doesn't give it to you if you show up without it. So much the worse for me.

digex posted this essay by ESR to the list today; it caught his attention since it mentioned our dear, departed friend therevdrnye. Neither of us had been aware that ESR knew him or vice versa.

Finished John C. Wright's Count to a Trillion and am at work on its sequel, The Hermetic Millennia. These are a lot more accessible than The Golden Age, even though the protagonist is a fearsomely intelligent man and the scope of the story extends over hundreds of centuries. It starts with the childhood of Menelaus Illation Montrose "Texas gunslinger, idealist, and posthuman genius" who is playing a long game of evolution against his former crewmates and friends, who wish to reshape Mankind into useful slaves for the aliens due to arrive soon. Montrose, on the other hand, wants mankind to be free, and to hold out until his wife can return from her expedition to contact the most highly evolved aliens and convince them that mankind is their equal, a starfaring race that can take the long view. Bizarre changes to man and his civilizations are engineered by the Hermetics and Montrose as they struggle to remake Man as they think he must be: slave, or free. Hope they sell well enough to convince Macmillan to buy the third installment, and if they don't I hope Wright self-publishes. I'd buy it.

Recovered most of the missing volumes that had been on Bookzilla from Baen and Amazon; took appropriate action to restore them, which means instead of having sixteen books on the Paperwhite, I now have about forty.

Got a letter from Fairfax County informing me that they were cutting off my food stamps since I am earning too much off disability and not spending enough on household expenses. Well, that's okay; it was only $16 a month anyway. I think I can manage to cover that much grocery expense, so long as I don't have any other big bills smacking me in the wallet.
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