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Filled with inertia

Saturday went pretty well, despite my feeling like death warmed over when I got up, probably because I just can't seem to get a decent amount of sleep on Friday night before I have to get up and catch my ride in to work. Got a bunch of returns done, did some minimal grocery shopping at Giant on the way home, and crashed around 2200.

Slept in until 1130 this morning, and I probably would have slept later except that it was exceptionally cold and windy outside this morning and my door somehow came open in the night, which aggravated both those things. Spent the afternoon playing Civicrack and avoiding the blogging that I should have been doing, but I can't be virtuous and hard working all the time. [/sarc].

Going to do something about dinner and then pitch into the blogging. May even have time for internet spaceships before bedtime, unless I decide to crap out early.
Tags: blogging, domestic stuff, work
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